CDMEDICS is an innovative molecular diagnostic device

How to design a final production prototype reducing size and weight to half and improving the enclosure.

Rearrangement of components for optimal overall size, access and cooling, designing a new adjustable card inserting system and optimizing functions, ergonomics and aesthetics as well as semantic design values. CDMEDICS is a device based on the groundbreaking chip-on-lab technology. It is capable of finishing accurate analysis for DNA extraction, coeliac disease-causing missing enzymes and other diagnostic procedures in a fraction of the time and at a minimal cost compared to conventional technologies.

Project ID:
Engineering optimisation, thermal flow design, adjustable chip insertion mechanism, enclosure design for μ2gen. Prototype manufactured by Intracom Telecom.

industrial design/engineering/enclosure/medical/new product development (NPD)/prototyping/UX/UI/