The Humble Origata Collection Is Inspired By The Fascinating Art Of Kimono Making

A minimal and beautifully designed piece of furniture can truly make a room come full circle. It can be the final piece that completes a space, building a comfortable and cohesive haven, rather than a random area. Furniture pieces make or break a home, they add to the essence or soul of a home, hence one needs to be extremely picky while choosing a furniture design. The design should be a reflection of you, and what you want your home to be. When you place a piece of furniture in a room, it should instantly integrate with the space, creating a wholesome and organic environment. And, a minimal furniture collection that would be an amazing addition to your home is the Origata collection by Nao Tamura for Porro.

Designer: Nao Tamura for Porro

Designed by New York-based Japanese designer Nao Tamura, the Origata collection includes the Origata bench and console. They’re inspired by the intricate craft of Kimono making and were designed for the Italian furniture brand Porro. The furniture pieces are crafted from aluminum sheet material, which has been cut and assembled using techniques inspired by the art of kimono making, in which fabric is cut in straight lines, and then artfully sewn together.

This unique technique produces almost zero waste, which is why Tamura employed this clever process, since it maximizes material use, in turn boosting the production of his collection. Both the Origata bench and console feature the same essential shape – a sturdy geometric form that has a softness to it, owing to its cultural influences, and craft-related inspiration.

The beautiful pieces represent and showcase Porro and Tamura’s shared values which include cultural identity, internationality, and a genuine respect and admiration for materials. The various pieces make an excellent fit for entryways, waiting rooms, or even bedrooms. They are versatile furniture designs that can also be employed and placed in areas for work, writing, and meditation. Where would you want to place these pieces?

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