Hand-Cast Mano Bricks and Blocks Made from Recycled Glass

These Mano Bricks and Blocks are by London/Sydney-based industrial designer Tom Fereday. Fereday started with the concept of traditional Roman bricks, then branched out into non-traditional forms—and a non-traditional material for bricks.

“Mano Glass Bricks are a celebration of miraculous, renewable glass. Each brick – made of 70 per cent recycled glass and 30 per cent quartz sand – is cast by hand, resulting in raw, uniquely textured organic surfaces.”

“Available in three shapes, including a curved brick perfect for hiding or highlighting features.”

“Mano Glass Bricks open up the possibilities of what a wall can be, inviting in natural light while offering a pared-back aesthetic that makes a statement.”

“Mano Glass Blocks are available in two reversible shapes, squares or soft corners.”

“They can serve as facades, feature walls, bars and even furniture. Durable and distinctive, the blocks suit internal and external applications in residential and commercial environments.”

The Mano line is in production by Australian furniture brand Eco Outdoor.


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