The Sharpie Ultimate Collection

I’ll put this in the category of “Things no designer would buy for themself, but would be happy to receive as a gift.”

Sharpie is selling an absurdly comprehensive Ultimate Collection of their signature markers. For 83 bucks you get 115 of them, featuring “40 fine, 42 ultra fine, 8 chisels and 12 twin tip coloring markers in unforgettable original colors, 5 luminous neon markers, and 8 shimmering metallic markers.”

College kids who like to tag their drunken friends will delight in the color assortment. Profanity printed in boysenberry or tangerine brings a touch of novelty absent in most rush parties.

One letdown is the packaging, specifically the way the markers are stored. You’ll probably toss the box, whose subdivisions resemble a cheap point-of-purchase display, in favor of a proper storage rack.

They also sell smaller 72-unit and 45-unit sets, but those sound pretty un-ultimate.


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