case study: experimenting with rapid prototyping early at the creative ideation phase

From sketching to 3D modelling, to prototyping, to testing within 24 hours. We initiated a new project: to design a real walking cane by utilising our 3D printer. The idea is to challenge the design process and experiment with design thinking by integrating rapid prototyping as early as possible in the creative process. We worked quickly and with some basic design requirements in order to examine how loose prototyping can affect the design process and whether it can be used as an idea generating technique.

At the same time we are pushing the material boundaries of 3D printed resin, exploring the possibilities of manufacturing an actual functioning product that can handle real use stresses.

3D printed handle still attached to its support inside the 3D printer

The first walking cane handle prototype 3D printed in-house in 1:1 scale at Designlab's workshop.

Although the handle is made of resin (SLA), the structure is quite strong for a 3D print.