Designlab is an Athens-based firm that provides specialised services in the fields of product & industrial design, space design and system design. Designlab is generating innovation through combination of conventional and state of the art technology, human factors and ergonomics, high design skills and talent, supporting our vision to create human-centered products and spaces. Designlab follows a systematic approach to any kind of projects, aiming at providing the best possible innovative results.

All of us at Designlab perceive design as the practical expression of innovation, the process that shapes and realises a new idea, directing the creator's vision to all five human senses.

Designlab was co-founded in 2007 by Alexandros Didaskalou, industrial designer and employs experts with high-end professional and academic qualifications. Designlab has cooperated closely with Altervision, a design company specializing in typography and visual communication as well as with the Thessaloniki Design Museum and supports its mission and objectives.

Designlab is based in a new and autonomous building in Ag. Paraskevi - Athens, organised and designed according to the needs of creative people who design and develop new products.

Designlab has also a Research & Development space inside Athens Technological Park "Leukippos". Leukippos is a cluster of innovative companies in the campus of National Centre for Scientific Research "Demokritos".

Designlab collaborates with companies and organizations in the following sectors:

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